Congratulate Vilnius in the way you most probably will: late

Vilnius is celebrating its 700th birthday in 2023. The problem is that nobody remembers when its birthday is. So, we created the Vilnius' Belated Birthday E-Card Collection: a way to send your late greetings shamelessly and in style.

Why Vilnius is so Amazing

Culture and art around every corner
In Vilnius, you don’t have to attend a particular event to find culture. Culture is simply all around you, from the ubiquitous street art and movie-like UNESCO-protected Old Town, to a former prison turned artist hub and globally trending modern art galleries.
If you don't like to walk, you can fly
Vilnius is one of the few capitals in the world that allows hot-air balloons to take off in the very centre of the city and fly over it, so if you’re looking for the coolest alternative to walking, this one is unbeatable.
Because foodies gonna food
Vilnius’ vibrant food culture will satisfy any palate, no matter if you’re a fresh-oysters-with-champagne kind of person or you are more of the kind that dares to try the extravagant local pink soup. This city makes every stomach happy.
We’re not allergic to any kind of history nut
Our history is long and complex, and it has something for everyone. Visit the Trakai Island Castle, located in the middle of a lake. Or maybe the Museum of Occupations, located in the former KGB headquarters?
Half of all tourists in Vilnius end up in prison
The 120-year-old Lukiškės prison transformed itself into a place filled with art and creativity. The territory is open and has been a hit since the first day. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, keep an eye for Lukiškės in season 4!

Vilnius' Belated Birthday E-Card

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Vilnius is quickly building a reputation as a fresh destination with dynamic arts and culture scenes and all kinds of events. That's why there are so many more amazing reasons to visit Vilnius. Check them out now!

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